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Recommended Detox Tea

Ingredients: Green tea, white tea, anise, nettle leaves, dandelion root, lemongrass, burrerod, green mint. Detox period: 28 days.
Dosage: Put 1 tea letter in a mug and fill up with almost boiling water.
Draw time: 5 min.
Pros: Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.
Review: Teen from WeightWorld is good to use as a starting point for a slimming process. The products are composed in such a way that the body is purged and energized so that it is subsequently easier to lose weight. The taste is really good, and the tea has a similarly good effect on bloating, just as it is a good starting point for a diet.

Alternative Detox Tea

Ingredients: Chamomile, pomegranate, ginger, papaya, dandelion leaves, stevia, senna leaves, pyllium, peppermint leaves. Detox period: 14 or 28 days. Dosage: Put 1 tea bag in 200ml boiling water. Draw time: 5-7 min. Pros: Gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan. Review: Teen from OurDetox tastes and smells good and is pure pampering in itself to drink. It helps bloating and irritable small intestines particularly well, and gives it a wonderful boost of vitamins and minerals.

Cheap Detox Tea

A cleansing tea is the ultimate detox booster. It is also called a "teatox" when detoxing with tea. Choose a detox tea with a lot of good cleansing ingredients. Especially fennel in tea supports a good detox. It is best to drink tea during a detox and avoid coffee and kofein. You may want to try replacing the coffee with dandelion coffee.

All about Detox The

Alternative to dieting

One of the things that for many destroys a diet is the many rules that such a cure entails. Then you should only eat vegetables, then you should avoid white bread and rice and pasta, then you need to fast every other day or count calories. Too many rules complicate a cure – and that's also why many people drop the cure within a very short time. It is simply too cumbersome.

With a detox cure, you should neither worry about fasting nor counting calories. On the other hand, you have to enjoy a tasty cup of tea every night – and in addition, you just have to eat ordinary; healthy and varied. (Source)

The only thing that is different than it used to be is that you are recommended to drink a little extra water. And this is entirely because water also has a cleansing effect. So have a bottle of water on you during the day so you remember to get drunk continuously. On the whole, it is a very good idea to drink a lot of water; even when you are not on a detox cure. (Source)

Detox tea - how often?

When you are in the process of a detox tea cure, follow the instructions on the product. There is a difference between whether you should drink the tea once or twice a day and when on the day it should be drunk. In addition, there is a difference in how long a cure is. Usually, a detox tea cure lasts either 14 or 28 days.

As a rule, you should not drink detox tea for longer periods of time than a single cure. And you shouldn't drink detox tea too often either, as you risk cleaning out "too much" in the sense that when there are no toxins to clean out, it's nutrition, vitamins and minerals that you risk purifying – and that's not desirable.

For most people, a cure with detox tea will be enough 1-2 times a year, but in some cases, for example in connection with a diet, it can be recommended with cures every 2 or 3 months, depending on the product.

Detox for vegans

If you have opted out of animal products, detox tea is still an option for you. The vast majority of types of detox tea are vegan, as they are made entirely from tea, herbs and other plant-based ingredients. This means that as a vegan you can also benefit from an energy boost and cleansing of your body by a daily cup of tasty tea.

Prevent sugar cravings with detox tea

Detox tea has many really good properties. One of the really good side effects is that the tea takes the sugar cravings. Especially in the evening, a sugar craving often creeps in when the day is coming to an end and flattening out on the sofa. Whether you just want to stay healthy or if you're doing an outright weight loss, consuming sugary products every night is not to recommend.

Recommendations of Detox tea

These people have tried Detox Tea – hear their opinions! 

I think detox tea has helped me move towards balance in life. I recommend it to all my girlfriends.

Sara Jensen


A tea in the morning and evening gives really good energy so I can study and make the best of the day! 

Josefine Mølgaard


For several years I have been drinking coffee, but I have replaced it with Detox Tea and my skin has become much nicer and I get many compliments in daily life! 

Britta Christensen


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